Ahcene Bounceur


Associate Professor - PhD - HDR
Habilitation - Qualified for Professorship



Operations Research - IoT - WSN - eHealth - Big Data - Distributed Algorithms
Statistics - Modelling - Simulation - Monte Carlo - Copulas - Test and Verification - Security

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About Me

Lab-STICC UBO Faculté
  • Academic Qualifications
    • September, 2014: Qualified for professorship
    • July, 2014: Habilitation (HDR) in Computer Science (University of Brest, France)
    • April, 2007: PhD in Micro and Nano Electronics (Grenoble INP, France)
    • September, 2003: Master’s degree in Operations Research (ENSIMAG, Grenoble, France)
    • September, 2002: Engineer degree in Operations Research (University of Bejaia, Algeria)
    • June, 1995: Programmer diploma (Micro-Services School, Bejaia, Algeria)
  • Positions
    • September, 2008 - present: Associate Professor (University of Brest)
    • September, 2007 - August, 2008: Temporary teacher and researcher (100% ATER) (ENSERG)
    • September, 2006 - August, 2007: Postdoc (TIMA Laboratory, Grenoble)
  • Responsibilities
    • 2015: UBO delegate of the new research center (IBNM)
    • April, 2014 - present : Board member of the team MOCS (Lab-STICC Laboratory, Brest, France)
    • February, 2014 - present : Scientific Council member (CDTA, Baba-Hassen, Algeria)
    • September, 2009 - present : Associate member and professor (LIMED Laboratory, University of Bejaia)
    • September, 2011 - present : Director of C2i program for continuing education (UBO, Brest, France)
    • September, 2009 to August, 2010 : Vice responsible of the LSE Master (UBO, Brest, France)
  • Distinctions & Patents
    • 3rd place winner in the Annual IEEE Test Technology Technical Council (TTTC) Doctoral Thesis Contest, VLSI Test Symposium, Berkeley, USA, May 2007.
    • Patent: Platform Suidia
      • Smart Telemedicine Platform for monitoring the gestational diabetes
  • Collective Responsibilities and Organisation of Scientific Events
    • Locally (at UBO and Lab-STICC Laboratory) :
    • At a national level :
    • At the international level :
      • General Chair of the conference ICC 2016
      • Guest editor of the journal Algorithms for Wireless Sensor Networks (2014)
      • Tutorials Manager of IDT Conference 2014,
      • Program committee member of the conferences :
        • ATSIP
        • ICC
        • BDAW
        • DTIS (2013 - 2016)
        • IDT (2014 - 2015)
        • COMMCA (2014)
        • INDS (2014)
        • DCIS (2013)
        • IMS3TW (2014 - 2015 - 2016)
        • ANT (2015 - 2016)
        • EUSPN (2014 - 2015 - 2016)
        • CBDCom ((2016)
        • JSS (2014)
        • TVHSAC (2015)
      • Reviewer for the journals: Algorithms, TCAD, JETTA, ...
      • Co-organization of 4 international schools on wireless sensor networks,
      • Proposal to create a new medical informatics laboratory LIMED (Laboratoire d’Informatique Médicale) and participation in the steering of its creation at the University of Bejaia,
      • Setting up a cooperation between the University of Bejaia and the University of Brest in 2010,
      • Provider of software and circuits testing courses at the USTH university (Vietnam)
      • Session chairman for several international conferences,
      • IEEE Gold Member,
      • Organisation of several research sabbaticals for foreign scientists and PhD students (mainly from Algeria) at UBO.
  • PhD/HDR Thesis Committee
    • Bourenane Abbache (14/09/2019): PhD thesis (University of Bejaia, Algeria)
    • Joreg Herrera (12/07/2017): PhD thesis (Universitat Politècnica de València, Spain)
    • Xuan Sang Le (31/05/2017) : PhD thesis (ENSTA Bretagne, France)
    • Lotfi Zaouche (08/02/2017) : PhD thesis (UTC de Compiègne, France)
    • Samir Uzzaman (25/02/2017) : PhD thesis (King's College London)
    • Feriel Bouakkaz (02/07/2016) : PhD thesis (University of Bejaia, Algeria)
    • Samia Djemai (28/06/2016) : PhD thesis (University of Bejaia, Algeria)
    • Yao Li (17/06/2015) : PhD thesis (UPMC, Paris, France)
    • Nawel Bendimerad (01/10/2015) : PhD thesis (University of Oran, Algeria)
    • Richun Fei (13/10/2015) : PhD thesis (TIMA, Grenoble INP, France)
    • Mawloud Omar (27/11/2014) : HDR thesis (University of Bejaia, Algeria)
    • Noureddine Akkouche (09/09/2011) : PhD thesis (TIMA, Grenoble INP, France)

Short Biography

I am an associate professor of Computer Science at the university of Brest (UBO). I am a member of the Lab-STICC Laboratory (MOCS Group). My current research activities are focused in the following aspects:

  • Tools for physical simulation and code generation of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) dedicated to Smart-cities and IoT
  • Modelling and simulating radio propagation and radio interferences in WSN
  • Distributed Algorithms to determine boundary nodes in Euclidean connected graphs
  • Sampling methods for data mining,
  • In the past:
    • Development of CAT (Computer Aided Test) tools for analog, mixed-signal and RF circuits,
    • Statistical modeling of analog, mixed-signal and RF circuits.

I received my Ph.D. in Micro and nano electronics at Grenoble INP, France in 2007. I received the M.S. degrees from ENSIMAG, Grenoble, France in 2003. From April 2007 to August 2008, I was a postdoctoral fellow at TIMA Laboratory. From September 2007 to August 2008, I was with Grenoble INP, France where I was a temporary professor. I have obtained the 3rd place of the Annual IEEE Test Technology Technical Council (TTTC-IEEE) Doctoral Thesis Contest, VLSI Test Symposium, Berkeley, USA, May 2007.

I am the coordinator of the project ANR PERSEPTEUR (587k€) and the partner of the project Suidia.

Until now, I published more than 150 publications.



I am a composer: visit my music page





Research and Projects

  • Research Activities
    • Tools for physical simulation of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN),
    • Parallel models for accelerating simulations and predicting parameters in WSN,
    • Sampling methods for data mining,
    • Development of CAT (Computer Aided Test) tools for analog, mixed-signal and RF circuits,
    • Statistical modeling of analog, mixed-signal and RF circuits.
  • Research Projects
    • Coordinator of the ANR (French National Research Agency) project PERSEPTEUR (2015-1018) : virtual 3D platform for the simulation of sensor networks (587k€) [WEB SITE] [ANR] [CupCarbon SIMULATOR]
    • Partner of the ARS (Regional Health Agency) project SUIDIA (2014-2024) : Mobile Application (Android and iPhone) for the monitoring of patients with gestational diabetes [WEB SITE],
    • Partner of the project PNR (Algerian Research Project) (2011-2014) : Cybercrime,
    • Head of the project ISSTB (2011) : Statistical Study to test the extreme behavior of microelectronic circuits.
  • Research events





Publications & Software

  • Book Chapters (4)
  • International journals (26)
  • National journals (1)
  • International papers (83)
  • Demo papers (2)
  • International invited papers (10)
  • Keynote speaker (8)
  • National papers (41)
  • Software (3)

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  • Programming languages : C, Java, Android, PHP,
  • Hardware Description Language VHDL
  • Operating Systems
  • Microelectronic circuit testing and software testing
  • Java IHM (Swing/JavaFX) and network programming (Streams/Sockets/Wireless)
  • Embedded card and wireless sensor network programming
    • (802.15.4/ZigBee - Arduino/Raspberry/Beaglebone)





PhD Students

  • Current:
    • Naima Benkebir: Defense expected in 2018 [CIFRE Systrans/Mesguen] - Cosup: Marc Sevaux, Reinhardt Euler, Marc Le Pouliquen
      • Title: Méthodes d'optimisation pour les tournées de véhicules s'intéressant particulièrement aux relations entre découpage spatial et gestion des temps des conducteurs au regard de la législation européenne
    • Nabil Kadjouh: Defense expected in december 2019 [Bejaia University] - Cosup: Kamel Tari
      • Title: Simulation des réseaux de capteurs sans fill de nouvelle génération dédiés aux villes intelligentes
  • Alumni:
    • Madani Bezoui [Boumerdes University] - Cosup: Pr Mustapha Moulaï
      • Titre: Contribution de la programmation multi-objectif dans l'optimisation des portefeuilles
    • Sanaa Ghalem: [Oran Univerisy] - Cosup: Dr Kechar Bouabdellah
      • Titre: Gestion des incertitudes dans les réseaux de capteurs sans fil
    • Umber Noreen: Defense expected in 2018/2019 [ANR PERSEPTEUR - With IEMN of Lille] - Cosup: Pr Clavier Laurent
      • Titre: Modélisation d'interférence pour simulateur 3D de réseaux de capteurs dédiés aux villes intelligentes
      • Title: Interference Modeling for 3D simulator sensor networks dedicated to smart cities
    • Taha Alwajeeh: Defense expected in 2018/2019 [ANR PERSEPTEUR - With Xlim of Poitiers] - Cosup: Pr Rodolphe Vauzelle and Dr Pierre Combeau
      • Titre: Modélisation efficace du canal radio pour les réseaux de capteurs urbains
    • Ali Benzerbadj: Defended on 02/07/2018 [Oran and Brest Universities - cotutelle] - Cosup: Dr Kechar Bouabdellah
      • Titre: Approche inter-couches pour l'économie d'énergie et la fiabilité dans les réseaux de capteurs sans-fil dédiés aux applications critiques de surveillance
    • Massinissa Lounis: Defended on 15/05/2018 [University of Bejaia scholarship] - Cosup: Pr Pottier Bernard & Pr Kamel Tari
      • Titre: Réseaux de capteurs sans fil : modélisation et application à des mesures environnementales
    • Abdelkader Laouid: Defended on 02/11/2017 [Algerian excellence scholarship] - Cosup: Pr Dahmani Abdelnasser and Pr Abdelkamel Tari
      • Titre: L'auto-gestion et la sécurité dans les systèmes distribués dynamiques
    • Farid Lalem: Defended on 11/09/2017 [Algerian excellence scholarship] - Cosup: Pr Euler Reinhardt
      • Titre: Cadre méthodologique et applicatif pour le développement de réseaux de capteurs fiables
    • Massinissa Saoudi: Defended on 12/09/2017 [UBO and UCD Dublin] - Cosup: Pr Kechadi Tahar & Pr Euler Reinhardt
      • Title: Conception d'un réseau de capteurs pour des prises de décision à base de méthodes de Data Mining
    • Rima Houari: Defended on march, 2017 [University of Bejaia scholarship]
      • Titre: Étude de Génération d'Échantillons Multi-dimensionnels pour le Data Mining
    • Kamel Beznia: Defended on september 6th, 2013 [Algerian scholarship]
      • Titre: Méthodes statistiques pour l'évaluation des techniques de test de circuits analogiques, mixtes et radio fréquence sous variations paramétriques multiples











+33 2 98 01 62 17

University of Brest (UBO), Computer Science Department
20, Avenue Victor Le Gorgeu, 29238, Brest Cedex 3