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 Mixed-Signal Board Testing
Computer Science Department
Test activities arise all along component life cycle in different ways: testability analysis during design stage, then for both production and maintenance stages, design and generation of test data sets, application of these test sets with ATE (Automatic Test Equipment) and last interpretation of the test results obtained.

The design stage is well dominated for both digital, analog and mixed-signal boards, thanks to mature CAD tools available in industry. But, except in the digital case, testing activities in maintenance stage are very difficult and costly to achieve. We focus on such kinds of mixed-signal or analog boards testing problems during maintenance phases. Specificities of the maintenance stage lead us to use a functional-based approach for the board test data generation, coupled with a functional modeling of the DUT (Device Under Test). We have defined a uniform framework, not only allowing both analog and digital specifications, but also enabling the modeling of both parts interactions and the test plan to be achieved. This modeling work of both the whole hardware and the testing process is the first step for the automation  of the test procedure for complete mixed-signal boards.

Our work results from an industrial partnership with ISIS-MPP society. We are currently developping a tool for manipulating these models and applying them to industrial test cases, in order to validate our approach.

Results have been published in international workshops adressing the test domain. A PhD work is also in progress. We are currently working on timing aspects and testing strategies.

Head : Valérie-Anne Nicolas
Département Informatique
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